- 【Recruitment】AIT_Foreign National Student (Taiwanese) Intern Program (FNSIP) Spring 2021


American Institute in Taiwan provides spring internship opportunities for all Taiwanese University Students!! If you are interested in this valuable opportunity, please submit all required material before the deadline(January 6th,2021).

Successful applicants must be:
1. Taiwan citizens
2. 18 years of age or older
3. Active students with at least two years of university studies (i.e. junior, senior or graduate students)
4. In good academic standing and have their school's endorsement
5. With an agreement from current schools.

INTERNSHIP PERIOD: March through July 2021
HOURS REQUIREMENT: Minimum hours worked per week: 20 hours
The exact workdays are not fixed and will be arranged between the individual intern and the section. (Note: Students should discuss work schedule during the interviews. Certificate of Internship will only be issued to those students who complete at least 2/3 hours of the program).

A. Kaohsiung Office
1. Commercial Section
2. Consular Section
3. Public Diplomacy Section
4. Political/Economic Section

B. Taipei Office
1. Agricultural Trade Office
2. Chinese Language School
3. Commercial Section
4. Community Liaison Office
5. Consular Section
6. Economic Section
7. Executive Section
8. Facility Management Office
9. Financial Management Office
10. General Services Office
11. Political Section
12. Public Diplomacy Section

Please visit https://www.ait.org.tw/offices/jobs/fnsip-spring-2021/ for details.

There are no benefits, compensation, or any future employment rights attached to this internship. However, students would gain valuable experience in various areas of AIT and possible academic credit that your schools may consider to award.

Application should include:
1. Statement of Interest (PDF format or Word format)
2. Letter of Permission (issued by current Department Office or professor with a statement that the school has acknowledged and agreed on applicant’s participating in AIT’s internship program, no fixed format required)
3. Official transcripts (in English)
4. Gratuitous Service Agreement (PDF format)
E-mail your application to TaipeiAIT-FNSIP@state.gov by 11:59 p.m., January 6, 2021. You shall receive an auto-reply message from the system if your application is submitted successfully.