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- 【Event】HPAIR 2021 Harvard Conference


HPAIR was founded in 1991 to create a forum of exchange to discuss and learn about the most pressing economic, political, social, and cultural issues facing the Asia-Pacific region. We have organized 43 conferences and touched the lives of more than 10,000 students and young professionals. HPAIR conferences feature world-class speakers and guests to foster mentorship, networking, and guidance opportunities for delegates. Past speakers at our conferences include Ban Ki Moon, former Secretary General of the United Nations; Philip Murphy, former President of Goldman Sachs Asia; Tawakkol Karman, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate; Robin Chasse, co-founder and former CEO of Zipcar, etc.


Now in our 29th year, the Harvard Conference will take place from January 15-18, 2021 virtually. This year, HPAIR has attracted over 500 young professionals from top institutes and corporations around the world, and we do believe that students from National Chiao Tung University will benefit from this conference as well as contribute insightful ideas to the international dialogues.


With a virtual setting, we have had the pleasure to welcome some big names to our conferences. The high-profile speakers for HPAIR 2021 Harvard Conference include Kevin Sneader (CEO & Global Managing Partner of McKinsey & Company), Lesly Goh (former CTO of World Bank / Professor of Cambridge University & NUS Singapore), Tim Draper (Billionaire Investor in Tesla, SpaceX, Twitter, Robinhood, Baidu, Skype, etc.), Laura Deming (Founder of Longevity Fund VC), Brian Wong (former VP of Alibaba / Founder of RADII), Adam Cheyer (Inventor & Founder of Siri), etc. We firmly believe that through the conversations with these renowned leaders, the young generations will be able to learn valuable life lessons and adapt themselves to this ever-changing era.


We genuinely welcome your students to join our HPAIR Conferences. For more registration information and details about HPAIR, please visit our website at If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.