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- 【Announcement】3 in 1 Program by Brawijaya University, Indonesia


"3 in 1 Program" by Brawijaya University (UB), Indonesia (partner university of NCTU)


1. Eligibility: Teaching staff (lecturers/professors) of NCTU


2. Detail:
1 course will be jointly lectured by 3 lectures - 1 from UB, 1 from local industry and 1 from overseas (partner university)


3. Requirement for Overseas Lecturers:

Each lecturer should stay at UB for at least 1-2 weeks and give lecturers at least 4-5 times (3 credit hours each time, each credit hour is 50 mins long)


4. Medium of Instruction: English


5. Courses:
UB will match up the expertise of lecturers with courses offered at UB, please refer to List of academic programs at UB.


6. Sponsorship:
UB provide overseas lecturers with free accommodation, free meals (3 times per day) and round-trip flight ticket
(detail offer package is subject to UB's review)


7. Application Timeline:
Lecture period should be within regular academic semesters, application must be submitted at least 2 months before the intended staying period.
Please refer to academic calendar.


8. Contact Person at UB:

Prof. Liliek Sulistyowati (head of Double Degree Program)

Email: doubledegree@ub.ac.id

Please enclose your CV and indicate your intended staying period.

*If application is approved, UB will provide invitation letter (for VISA application).


Posted by: Ms. Janet Chen 

+886-5712121 #50666

Division of International Admissions

Office of International Affairs, NCTU