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- 【Event】Global Youth Leaders Summit 2020


Transforming Crisis into Re-connection

The pandemic in 2020 is drastically redefining our beliefs and pursuits in sustainable development in an era of globalization. International services and works have been forced into suspension by this unprecedented coronavirus outbreak – and this health risk is believed to stay for good. What does this mean for globalization? Will it continue, or will this be brought to a halt? What does this mean for the efforts to build up global understanding and a global outlook?

This is a good opportunity for young people around the world to take a pause and review their roles and positioning. How should they overcome the different global challenges, reconnect with others under the circumstances, and continue to foster intercultural collaboration for the betterment of the community?

The “Global Youth Leaders Summit 2020: Transforming Crisis into Re-connection” is organised by the Service-Learning and Leadership Office (SLLO) of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU). Scheduled for 24 October (Hong Kong Time), this is an online platform for youth leaders from all over the world to share and reflect on their experiences under the different pandemic contexts, and to discuss, plan, and act together for future social initiatives to take place among the involuntary social distancing and other crisis and challenges.

Summit Rundown


 13:30 Opening Remarks by Professor Jin-Guang Teng, President, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

13:40 A New Global Landscape – Invited Presentations and Panel Discussion

15:00 Closing Remarks



15:15 Global Reconnection Hackathon / Global Reflection Workshop