Dual Degree Program
- 【Dual-degree】[University of Ottawa] 2020-2021 Dual PhD Degree Program


[University of Ottawa] 2020-2021 Dual PhD Degree Program

Implementation Departments: All departments in NCTU

I. Application details:

   1. Departments: LINK
   2. Application information: LINK
   3. Application procedure: LINK
   4. Contact of each department: LINK
   5. Courses: LINK
   6. Application deadline LINK
   7. Language of courses: English or French
   8. Fees: students are required to pay fees LINK ("non-exempt international students”)
   9. Contact person in University of Ottawa: Patrick Lalonde <cotutelle@uottawa.ca>

 II. How to apply:

   1. Please fill the attached application form, prepare necessary documents and deliver to Ms. Katie Lai in the Office of International Affairs.
   2. Prepare the Letter of intent (signed by professors of home/host university) and send directly to Patrick Lalonde <cotutelle@uottawa.ca>

III. Contact

   Name: Ms. Katie Lai
   Phone: +8863-5712121#50665
   E-mail: jhlaic@nctu.edu.tw