Dual Degree Program
- 【Dual-degree】[Chalmers University of Technology] 2021-2022 Dual PhD Degree Program


[Chalmers University of Technology] 2021-2022 Dual PhD

Implementation Departments in NCTU: All departments

(Notice: The students should only pursue the program with Chalmers via their Thesis Supervisors. If the supervisor has a relevant contact and collaboration at Chalmers it might be possible for the student to enroll.)

I. Application details:

   1. Departments and courses: LINK
   2. Graduation requirements: 60ECTS
   3. Application procedure: Students are required to apply the program via their NCTU supervisor; the supervisor in NCTU should contact Mr. Jens Hansson for application details.
   4. Fees: tuition waive students should pay student union fees about 200SEK
   5. Contact person in Chalmers : Mr. Jens Hansson <jens.hansson@chalmers.se>

II. How to apply:

   1. Please fill the application form, prepare necessary documents and deliver to Ms. Katie Lai (Fall intake: by 15 Dec. / Spring intake: by 15 Aug.) in the Office of International Affairs.
   2. Then, the supervisor at NCTU contacts Mr. Jens Hansson <jens.hansson@chalmers.se> directly for application details.

III. Contact

   Name: Ms. Katie Lai
   Phone: +886-3-5712121#50665
   E-mail: jhlaic@nctu.edu.tw