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- 【Internship】MediaTek 2019 Everyday Genius Internship Program


MediaTek Everyday Genius Internship Program gives you the chance to pursue challenging project work by working alongside industry experts, and to expand your knowledge through lectures and teamwork.

With more than 100 internship positions are available each year at MediaTek offices around the world they offer you the chance to get to know the company on the inside, and to decide if MediaTek is the right place to launch your career

We believe everyone can achieve amazing things every day, even if only in a small way. If you enjoy a challenge, MediaTek’s Everyday Genius Internship Program could be just what you’re looking for.


Program Features

  1. Global opportunities: MediaTek is headquartered in Taiwan, with sales and research office in 12 countries around the world.
  2. Challenging project work: Everyone at MediaTek is a valued member of a global team that works together to create world-class products and our interns play an important part in this work.
  3. Guidance from mentors: As an intern at MediaTek, you’ll have your own mentor to familiarize you with the work environment and give you the help you need to accomplish your goals.
  4. Intern communication platform: MediaTek provides an exclusive communication platform that lets you share your experience with other interns.
  5. Lectures from senior MediaTek staff: MediaTek’s Everyday Genius Internship Program includes lectures from senior staff about working at MediaTek and about planning a career in the technology industry.
  6. Employment opportunities: An internship at MediaTek is the first step to a career in the technology industry and most interns are offered a full-time position once they’ve completed their studies successfully.



Students who are at least in their 3rd year of bachelor's degree. (And master's degree, PhD students.)


Job Vacancies


For more information, please visit MediaTek careers website .


How to apply

Step1. Go to the MediaTek careers website to search internship opportunities.

Step2. Hit “Apply” at the bottom of the job page to register your account.

Step3. Go to “My resume” to upload your resume file(s).

Step4. Go to “My jobs” to apply jobs.


2019 Recruitment events in NCTU




March 5th, 2019 (Tuesday)

PM12:10 – PM13:40

2019 NCTU Information Session

(MediaTek & Richtek Technology Coropration)

International Conference room, 1F, CPT Building

March 10th, 2019 (Sunday)


2019 NCTU Open House

Parking area, B1, Assembly Building 1&Parking area next to Management Building 2

(Booth Number: 111、112、113)

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