Job Opportunity
- 【Recruitment】2020 NCTU Open House (On-campus Recruitment)_Fall Session


Open House is an on-campus recruitment event for NCTU students. In the job fair, more than 60 companies join and provide more than 300 job opportunities. In the information session, you will be able to meet and interview with well-known Taiwan enterprises from a wide range of industries! Do not hesitate to bring your resume and visit company booths! 
Besides, OIA conducted a survey to collected companies that provide job and internship opportunities for NCTU International students, overseas Chinese students and Mainland Chinese students. Please check the attached company list for further information.
(There are more than 60 company booths in the Open House, this company list only shows the companies target on international talents. If your time allows, please feel free to visit any other company booths.)

< 2020 NCTU Open House – Fall session >
Date & Time: Sep. 23rd (Wed.) 10:00 - 16:00
Venue: CPT Building 1F.
Date: Sep 21st - Sep. 29th
Time: Please check the attached timetable.
Venue: International Conference Hall, B1, Library/ International Conference Hall, 1F, CPT Building

*Participants should wear masks in response to COVID-19. If your forehead temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius or have respiratory symptoms, please avoid entering the venue.