International Students
- Admissions
Please refer to "Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan" released by the Ministry of Education (MOE):

  • Make sure you are qualified to apply as an international student.
  • Check whether the department/institute for which you intend to apply accept international students.
  • Fill out the application form online, upload and submit all required documents.
  • Check whether you need to submit additional documents for the department/institute to which you intend to apply.
  • Prepare all required documents accordingly and upload to our online application system by the specified deadline. Late submission and incomplete application will not be processed.
    • Those selecting more than 1 department should list the department in the order that they wish to be admitted. If admitted to more than one department, the University shall release the admission result according to the order listed in the application.
    • Regardless of whether the applicant has been admitted or not, all application documents shall not be returned.
    • Applicants shall bear responsibility for their application. Failure to submit all required documents by the application deadline shall affect their admission qualification review.
    • Obtaining the University's admission permit does not guarantee a visa to Taiwan. The visa must be issued by Taiwan Ministry of Foreign Affairs Bureau Consular Affairs or foreign embassy in the country.

For list of programs open for international admissions, please refer to:
Opening Programs AY2020-21.

To fill out the admission application form, please enter our Online Application System from the link below.
Online Application System
  • Reminder:
    • If any problem arises while using this application system, please press "PrtScn" or "PrtScr" key on your keyboard and paste the image to your email message or a Word file. Email your questions and images to If you are not sure how the "PrtScn" key works, please look up "Print Screen" in your search engine for tutorials.
  • Application form
    Fill out the online application form.
  • Study plan
    The study plan can be written in English or Chinese. Basic content shall include motivation of application, education/ research Background, and prospective study at NCTU.
  • Official degree certificate*
    Graduating students are required to submit a proof of pending graduation issued by their school. Students with a certificate of pending graduation or provisional certificate must obtain a statement from their school indicating when the official graduation certificate would be issued. Students must obtain the official certificate before courses begin for the applied semester.
  • Full official transcript(including description of grading, GPA and class ranking)*
    If you have attended more than one institution, separate official transcripts should be submitted by each institution.
    (1)  Required degree certificate and transcript
       Undergraduate application: High school (or above) graduation certificate and transcript;
       Master's program application: Bachelor degree (or above) graduation certificate photocopy and transcript;
      Doctoral program application: Master's degree (or above) graduation certificate photocopy and transcript.
    (2)  If the school is unable to issue a Chinese or English version of the certificate and transcript, please submit an additional Chinese or English translation.
    (3)  Accepted applicants must have their graduation certificate and transcript and respective translations notarized by the Taiwan Embassy or Taiwan Representative Office in the country where their school is located. If there is no Taiwan Embassy or Taiwan Representative Office in the country, contact the Taiwan Embassy or Taiwan Representative Office in the nearest country.
    Please refer to the following website for the notarization offices.
  • Two letters of recommendation
    Recommendation letters must be written by at least two different persons, generally a teacher, advisor or employer. Refer to the template provided by this Office or have the recommenders write the recommendation through the online application system. Recommendation letter template
  • Proof of nationality
    (1)  Passport
    (2) Those without a passport should submit one proof of nationality.
  • Confidential financial statement
    (not required during the application, but must be submitted during registration at the University).
    Admitted students shall submit any of the following proofs of financial resources during the registration at the University:
    (1)  Proof of scholarship issuance (the proof of scholarship issuance must be issued by the Taiwan government or other governments, and excludes proof of National Chiao Tung University scholarships).
    (2) An official bank statement: For non-scholarship students, attach proof of bank deposit of US$6,000 (NT$200, 000) or more issued within three months of enrollment. If the deposit is not in the student's personal account, the financial sponsor must sign a letter of declaration stating the relationship between the two parties and promising to bear all the expenses of the student's study in Taiwan.
    (3)  A template of the declaration is downloadable.
  • Proof of English proficiency
    One photocopy of the test score is required. The minimum requirements (or equivalent) are TOEFL PBT 500 / CBT 173 / iBT 73 or IELTS 5.5 unless specified otherwise by some departments/institutes. (1)If the previous academic degree program was fully taught in English, the school/department or advisor may issue an official proof explaining that the entire academic program was in English or taught in English.
    (2)Applicants who are nationals of an English-speaking country or whose previous diploma is from an English-speaking country do not need to submit a certificate of English proficiency. Please upload a passport or graduation certificate. 
    (3) English-speaking countries are: The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand and Australia.
  • Proof of Chinese proficiency
    Undergraduate courses are mostly taught in Chinese. Applicants are advised to have intermediate listening, speaking, reading and writing ability. In addition, some departments require applicants to submit proof of Chinese language proficiency. It is recommended that international students in non-English programs provide a certificate of Chinese language proficiency test or other proof of Chinese language proficiency. Steering Committee for the Test Of Proficiency-Huayu (SC-TOP). Indonesian students applying to study in an undergraduate program at the University are required to submit proof of Chinese language proficiency.
  • Proof of work experiences (if applicable): It is required for application to the GMBA program.
  • Proof of renouncement of nationality of the Republic of China (if applicable)
    Applicants who are former nationals of the Republic of China are required to provide the Permit Certificate of Nationality Loss. The certificate, issued by the Ministry of the Interior, should have been issued for at least 8 years.
  • Other documents *
    (1) Applicants for doctoral programs must upload their master's thesis. Graduating master's students who are applying for doctoral programs must upload an outline of their master's thesis.
    (2)Documents such as GMAT/GRE scores or proof of work experience may be required by a specific department/institute. Please refer to the websites of the respective departments.
    *Reminder: For application to the College of Management, a valid GMAT result is required. (Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT))
Intake Fall Semester Spring Semester
Application Period December 20 - March 5 August 10 – September 30
Announcement Mid-May Mid-November
Course Begins Mid-September Mid-February
  • Spring Intake is for graduate programs only.
  • Courses run for 18 weeks in each semester:
    Fall (August - January) and Spring (February - July). Please refer to NCTU Calendar.
  • Late and incomplete application will not be considered.