International Students
- Inbound Exchange / Visiting Students

  • Inbound Exchange Program
    • Students from our partner universities who wish to take courses at NCTU and are nominated by their home universities
    • Students whose parents are CTU (Hsinchu, Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Southwest Jiaotong University) alumni who wish to take courses at NCTU
  • Inbound Visiting Program ( fee-paying exchange program)
  • Application form
    • Please print out the application form when completing the online application.
    • Both applicant and home university coordinator have to sign on the printed application form.
  • Curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Study Plan
    • Study plan may include your motivation and a tentative list of courses you would like to take; please use the following link timetable for your reference.
    • The course list of usually releases two months before the semester starts; the course in student's study plan could be only for reference.
  • An original transcript of academic records in English or Chinese
  • A copy of student ID card (with expiry date), or latest “Enrollment Letter” with an official stamp from the home university
  • A copy of valid passport
  • Application Instruction
    • For both program applicants, the application is considered successful only when the online application is completed & the application package (one single pdf file with correct file name) is emailed to NCTU Inbound Exchange/Visiting Program coordinator before application deadline.
    • All required documents must be consolidated to one single application package in pdf format according to above sequence with the file name of 2020 Fall Inbound Exchange/Visiting Application_First Name + Last Name.

    • Exchange Student
      • Firstly, the partner university should nominate the exchange students via the online nomination system. (The nomination link will differ from each university, each coordinator will receive specific link by NCTU via email. Once submitted, the partner coordinator will not be able to modify the nomination record)
      • Then, each nominated student will receive an individual application link via email.
      • Students are required to click the link and register in the online application system
        A. Fill correct information in the required column
        B. Upload all the required documents
        C. Submit
      • Students are required to pass their application packages to their home university coordinator and let the coordinator email all application packages to NCTU Inbound Exchange/Visiting Program coordinator.
    • Visiting Student
      • Register in the online application system: Online Application System for Inbound Visiting Program
        A. Fill correct information in the required column
        B. Upload all the required documents
        C. Submit
      • Students are required to email their application package to NCTU Inbound Exchange/Visiting Program coordinator without going through the home university coordinator.
  • Visit timetable for English-medium courses.
  • Only those courses labelled with [English Medium Course] are supposed to be taught in English.
  • Minimum credit requirement (per semester):
    • Undergraduate students must select 9 credits per semester
    • Graduates are required to take at least 2 academic courses per semester
  • Students may receive the NCTU English-Taught course list attached in the individual application link notification email. Please note, the list is FOR REFERENCE ONLY. Actual courses offered will be available around the end of May (for Fall Semester) and end of December (for Spring Semester).
  • Students are able to choose courses all over NCTU and will not be limited to home department. However, students are strongly recommended to ask the department or course professor before they really enrol to the course (Professors may require exchange students to own basic knowledge for the course).
  • Courses offered by College of Management are often very popular and competitive, and there is a possibility that students may not be able to select and get into certain course due to professors’ consideration on class size, related background knowledge or other reasons. Therefore, students are suggested to consider the situation and list more courses they wish to take before arrival so that students can better manage their timetable in NCTU.
  • NCTU Inbound Exchange Programs Offered AY2020/2021
  • Students should indicate the department or institute of NCTU that they wish to exchange to. It is suggested students choose the department or institute based on their major in home university.
  • Students who would like to apply for the exchange program should read the minimum requirement carefully before applying.
  • Students must visit NCTU website to look for more course information before applying.
  • “College of Management” is limited to “final-year undergraduate students and graduate students (Master or PhD)”.
  • The applications and supporting documents would be reviewed by each department. The department reserves the right to admit the nominated students according to various considerations such as academic performance, background consistency…etc. Sometimes, the department may re-allocate students to the suitable department.

Students could choose to exchange for one semester or one academic year. However, one academic year exchange program is open for Fall Semester only. 

  • Nomination Deadline (not applicable to Inbound Visiting Program)
    • March 30 of Fall Semester
    • September 30 for Spring Semester
  • Application Deadline
    • April 15 for Fall Semester
    • October 15 for Spring Semester
  • Academic Calendar
    • Fall Semester: middle of September to the middle of January of next year
    • Spring Semester: middle of February to the middle of June
    • The confirmed academic calendar will be announced around late June each year. Please visit NCTU Calendar.
  • On-Site Orientation
    • On-Site Orientation is often held one week prior to the start date of each semester and admitted students are strongly recommended to attend it for more information on course selection, on-campus life, social activities…etc.
  • Admission information will be released around the end of May (for Fall Semester Intake) and end of November (for Spring Semester Intake) at the application system where individual applicant has to log in to check his/her admission status.
  • Admitted students need to confirm to accept the offer online, and then the admission letter will follow.
  • NCTU provides soft copy admission letter around middle of June (for Fall Semester Intake) and middle of December (for Spring Semester Intake). If hard copy admission letter is needed, please contact NCTU Inbound Exchange/Visiting Program coordinator.
  • Division of International & Cross-strait Services (ICS) will email the "Welcome Package" to admitted students around the beginning of July (for Fall Semester Intake) and end of December (for Spring Semester Intake) in which registration, arrival, and dormitory application information etc. is contained.
  • ICS is part of the Office of International Affairs and is located on the 1st floor of Administrative Building. ICS is established to offer on-site service, such as accommodation, insurance, visa, registration for our international students. ICS cooperates with other school units to process course selection and tuition payment as well as providing guidance and assistance for all international students.
  • For further information, please contact: Ms. Iris Chuang (Email:

- Contact
Project Coordinator
Ms. Lily Cheng
  • +886-3-5131257
  • Inbound exchange, visiting & short-term research program