Short-term Research Program
- International Student
  • Students admitted through Inbound Short-term Research Program are called "Inbound Research Student".
  • All applicants must firstly identify and contact a full-time professor at NCTU to be their research supervisor.
  • Office of International Affairs does not involve in matching students and NCTU host professors.
  • The student is required to apply two months before the tentative research start date.
  • List of NCTU professors who might want to host NCTU short-term research application.

    • Program Profile:
      Current students from international universities who wish to do research work at NCTU (less than 180 days).

        • Documents Required:
          • Application form  (typewritten) (doc.) (odt.
          • Curriculum Vitae (CV) in English
          • Research Proposal of your research at NCTU (1 A4 page only)
          • The Invitation Letter from NCTU supervisor
          • (The letter is compulsory for the visa process. It should be formal and with professor’s signature, department, email address on it.)
          • Latest “Enrollment Letter” with an official stamp from the home university
          • (or valid student ID card with an expiry date on it, please make sure the enrollment letter should cover your duration of internship in NCTU)
          • A copy of valid passport (valid for at least 6 months)
          • *A proof issued by the home university that internship is one of the graduation criteria or part of graduation requirements (Undergraduate students only, it is compulsory for visa process.)

        • Application Instruction:
          Email “completed application package” (all required documents mentioned above) at least 2 months before the tentative research start date in order in one time to NCTU coordinator. 
        • **Students who submit the completed application package in advance, will have the priority to apply for the accommodation. 

        • Admissions:
          Admitted students will receive admission letter and official Ministry of Education (MoE) approval after the application is reported to MoE.

        • Other Information:
          Division of International & Cross-strait Services (ICS) will email the "Welcome Package" to admitted students in which registration, arrival, and dormitory application information…etc. is contained.

- Contact
Project Coordinator
Ms. Lily Cheng
  • +886-3-5131257
  • Inbound exchange, visiting & short-term research program