2020 Short Term Research Scholarship

    • Scholarship Amount
        • Maximum to NTD 55,000 in total (tax included)
        • The scholarship only offered when the student complete 60 days of research in NCTU and hand in the attendance sheet to the coordinator.
        • The student is required to submit a short report regarding their research in NCTU before leaving.

    • Research Length
      60 to 170 days (The program must end before/ on 20 December 2020)

    • Important Dates of the Application

      Application Deadline

      Research Beginning From

      1st Round

      20th December 2019


      2nd Round

      6th March 2020


      3rd Round

      5th June 2020


      • Required Documents
          • Application form (typewritten) (doc.)(dot.)
          • Curriculum vitae (CV) in English
          • Research proposal (no more than one page)
          • Invitation letter from NCTU supervisor
          • (It should be formal with professor’s signature, department and contact information)
          • Latest Enrollment letter with an official stamp or student ID card with the expiry date.
          • (Please make sure the time is cover your duration of stay in NCTU)
          • A copy of Passport (valid for at least 3 months)
          • A statement issued by home university indicate internship or research is a graduation criteria or a part of course requirement.
          • (Only undergraduate student required, it is for the visa application)
          • Official transcript of academic records translated in English or Chinese.

      • Please email the "completed application package" to the coordinator of the short term research program before the deadline of each round.

- Contact
Project Coordinator
Ms. Lily Cheng
  • +886-3-5131257
  • lilycheng@nctu.edu.tw
  • Inbound exchange, visiting & short-term research program